Julian Hetzel - There Will Be Light 'About the precarious economy of hope' SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Utrecht In his works, theatre maker Julian Hetzel shakes up our view of the world. In There Will Be Light he is presenting an alternative for the way we live and our relationship with work. Societies today are determined by work: work to produce value, to set a goal, to acquire status. These days imagining the end of the world is easier than picturing the end of capitalism. But what would we be if we didn’t have to work? Hetzel is making a radical gesture: he is taking one basic income from his own cultural funding, and giving it to one person. In other words: someone will be given € 15.000. Something for nothing. The money is an invitation to escape the world of obligation and enter a world of desire. Everybody has a chance, everybody can apply. A committee of alternative experts, consisting of homeless people, will select the chosen one. The audience is invited to explore an artificial beach at MENU (a former bicycle depot), attend interviews, or to apply themselves. There Will Be Light is a project about life as art and art as work. The real performance begins after the applause, at the very moment when the show is over and the audience returns home. For one whole year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the ‘chosen one’ will perform an improvisation called ‘life’. Stop working, and become an artist! Director: Julian Hetzel Performers: Christine van Stralen, Louis van der Waal, Niek Vanoosterweyck Dramaturge: Miguel Angel Melgares Artistic advisor: Sodja Lotker Assistant dramaturge: Madison Jolliffe Sound design: Johannes Helberger Head of production: Saskia Reynolds Production: Mariska van Zanten, Marieke van den Bosch Technical coordinators: Siemen van der Werf, Cas Dekker Communications & PR: Michelle Franke Interns: Billy Ka and Maren Seidel


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