All Inclusive

Trailer All Inclusive By Robin Junicke By Robin Junicke

Official Jury selection of the Nederlands Theaterfestival 2019

The raw material for “All Inclusive” is debris. Several kilos of rubble from a conflict zone in Syria have been imported to central Europe. These leftovers of the war have been transformed into art. This process of value creation became the core idea of this art project. All Inclusive is a performance about the aesthetisation of violence at the same time it is an exhibition and a marketplace for souvenirs and trophies. All Inclusive examines the principle of “creation through destruction” and explores the explosive force of image wars and the economy of empathy.

“All Inclusive” juxtaposes art and war, tourists and refugees, reality and imagination in a journey through a temporary exhibition space. The audience is invited to watch a visit through a museum where reality strikes back.