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“Monokultur” is a transdiciplinary project by Julian Hetzel and Timm Burkhardt about the phenomena of repetition.
The word monoculture in its original sense means the constant cultivation of earth with the same species of an agricultural crop. This kind of extensive farming is in its first periods very efficient. But the long term repetition of this process leads to a considerable damage of the ground. The two artists started their collaborative project by a structural analysis of the phenomena in search of clues to the cultural situation of the present – in particular to the way of life and work. According to this research they developed a study about uniformity, efficiency and standardization. This study was printed and published as a newspaper by YouAreReadingUs. On this background Hetzel and Burkhardt developed a concept of a live performance. They transformed the content in an new language and form. Together with a team of about 15 artists from various fields of work; dancers, actors, musicians and video-artists, the performance has been showed to the public in June 2008 at e-Werk / Deutsches National Theatre Weimar.